Blog about computer, SW, programming

Informative page that contains download area, links area, guestbook etc.

Blog about computer science, especially about programming and Google

Insights into Google's products, technology and culture

Official weblog about Google in the Apple Macintosh world.

News and views from the Google Mobile team

Provides Android news, tips and tricks and development examples


Free framework to easily and quickly create AJAX web-applications in ASP.NET 2.0. It is already contained in ASP.NET 3.5

Contains a pre-defined collection of AJAX-components, e.g. CascadingDropDown for DropDown fields, AutoCompleteExtender for TextBox fields etc.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with advanced debugging, refactoring and testing supports

Free music and video player

Plug-in for Winamp that allows to record songs from streaming MP3 servers


University where I acquired my Bachelor in Applied Computer Science as well as my Master in Computer Science

News about South Tyrol

News about desktop-applications, open-source software, internet, mobile applications, internet, hardware ...

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